Online Antenatal Classes. Top ten reasons why you should join.

Online Antenatal Classes. Top ten reasons why you should join.

Every woman is entitled to a good birth experience and this experience can be improved by good quality antenatal education.

I am obviously biased because it is my website but I think our classes offer great value, well worth their investment and here are 10 reasons why.

1. I have been midwife for 29 years and I want you to benefit from my experience. I believe knowledge is power. I believe in the benefits of antenatal education and the impact good classes can have on birth experience and birth outcome.

2. When speaking to couples, many men do not want to go to classes. Some men have said they do not want to talk about their feelings or fears in a room full of strangers. Now men do not have to endure group learning, you can watch and learn together from the comfort of your own home.

3. The format and timing of hospital classes do not suite everyone, and private classes can be very expensive, some of them €150-€300. I feel women need more choice so I invested a lot of time and money in putting together online classes. Our online classes are not expensive and the feed-back so far is that they are well worth the investment.

4. Our online antenatal classes can be accessed at any time during your pregnancy in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to leave your home on a cold winters evening to travel to a class. They can be viewed on Desktop or Laptop Computers, Tablets or iPads or on your Smartphone.

5. When you attend other classes you may not be able to absorb all the information in a few hours or something might crop up at home and you might miss a class. This will not happen with our classes. With you can watch, rewind, pause, make a cup of tea and start the class again. You can do your online classes as many times as you like. There is a lot to take in.

6. Some people cannot attend classes because of work commitments, perhaps one of you works abroad, or you might be in hospital during your pregnancy and miss the classes, our online classes are available 24/7 so you won’t miss out on the essential information you need to help make your labour and delivery a more enjoyable experience.

7. Our classes are provided by experienced health professionals, I myself am a practicing Midwife Sonographer for 29 years, an award winning Consultant Obstetrician and a very experienced Chartered Physiotherapist. The 10 classes took 18 months to develop and cover labour birth and caring for your baby as well as hearing from other mothers and fathers about their experiences.

8. Many men and women don’t want to give up their evenings or weekends to attend classes, it interferes with their other interests outside work, one study less than 48% of men attend classes. Our online classes can be done whenever it suites you and your partner they are very flexible and can be spread over 5 months.

9. When talking to some mums-to-be they often ask about meeting other pregnant mums and feel they might miss this if they don’t attend a class, I assure them, there are many opportunities to make friends at clinics, baby clinics, breast feeding groups, mother and toddler groups and more.

10. Finally I believe our classes will help prepare you for the very special event in your life, labour and the birth of your baby. They will help to reduce fear and anxiety around the process and prepare you and your partner for caring for your bundle of joy.

Knowledge is Power.
Our Antenatal Classes will give you knowledge.

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