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Mrs. Jo Scobie

Mrs. Jo Scobie

Jo Scobie is a Registered Midwife Sonographer, with over 29 years experience of both Irish and Scottish midwifery practice.

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Facebook shared Bad Parenting Moments's video.Friday, February 22nd, 2019 at 7:13pm

Bad Parenting Moments

I have five kids, three of whom I birthed from my own body, so I thought I pretty much knew how childbirth happens.


This is the coolest demo I've ever seen explaining how labor works—I just wish I'd seen it *before* my babies were born!

Big thanks to Liz Chalmers, co-owner of Puget Sound Birth Center Kirkland, WA and Puget Sound Birth Center Renton, WA! For more info check out

Sucks for me.

I had two ping-pong balls in my balloon... twice.

Really strange to scroll through my news feed and come across this to her saying "hello charlotte" I'm like wtf hello lady 😂😂😂

It's official, I have hit my limit of internet at 12:41 Est where I took interest in a balloon giving birth to a pingpong ball.

To an office meeting?

"Okay, we are going over the end-of-quarter sales and engineering issues, but first let me show you how babies pop out of vaginas using a ping pong and balloon."

Not ever going to need this again thank the Lord, but sure wish I’d had the visual when I needed it.

Jenna Hoey, I didn't take the classes, so I was a little lost on the breathing and the pushing... I wish I would've seen this video six years ago, lol!
Laura Charest, this could make for a fun baby shower game also... 😁

Can't imagine how hard the docs job would be if the kid just came forcefully launching out like that 😂😂😂

Sarah Nelson, I wish this visual was around when I was having my kids. It's so much easier to understand than the videos we watched in my birthing class!

A balloon birth doesn't even touch the effects of pain or emotional trauma of a little baby exploding out of your uterus ...real birth from real human women would give a real perspective no matter how hard it may be and painful..this demonstration is a insult to many mothers who endure labour for their child and give birth..a book thinks they can explain this...not everyone has it so simply to push a ball out of a balloon...its a baby... You are going to HURT to get this little life out demonstration will prepare you...especially not a balloon one

Right after watching this idk if I want a 2nd one lol now she can she explain contractions to a guy 😂I'm so happy my delivery was 7hrs idk how women go up to 10hrs or more I give props!

Sherrie Malone !! This actually is a very good way to show contractions and childbirth! Lol're getting closer!!! 😀

Dolores Peterson just tagging you cuz it's a pretty cool way to explain what's going on during child birth, I should bring a balloon and a ping pong ball with me on a Tuesday lol

Paul Rabe if you want a visual representation of what’s about to happen to me without the “gross visual” here you go.

Yolanda Archuleta Cristiana Ramos in case you were wondering this pretty much sums it up. After having four of you naturally this made me ache and nauseous - perfect demo 🙌🏼

Kenia Puebla Cynthia Castillo for my pregnant ladies this is a visual demonstration of labor and birth lol

Caz Muske you fucking jinxed me showing me this and now it keeps showing up on my feed and I literally cannot.
By the way have fun w that in the next week

Cringing, but only because I thought the balloon was going to burst 😂 😂
I went in blind, with my first, then went on to do it again and again.. Nine times in actual fact
The video is kind of like what it is, but if your baby comes out at that speed, you're going to need a catcher 😂😂

Ping pong ball? Really? Is this a joke?! Try more like a softball or bigger...signed a mother of two who gave birth naturally both times.

Was I the only person worried the balloon was gonna pop? 😅 I know she didn't blow it up anywhere near full but I still had that on edge feeling waiting for the balloon to pop... even with my phone totally on silent.

I think it's disgusting. I know I was born(obviously) however, pregnant women make me gag, it's gross. I'll never be a father. Fuck that shit.

Absolutely the best visual of what the process is... wish I had been shown this while pregnant with my first!!

This is actually a pretty cool way to explain childbirth to my daughter. Me, personally, I'm done having kids. She's only 10, but it's never too early to learn, especially as much as she loves science.

I always described it like putting your head through a turtle neck sweater. This was a great visual demonstration.

As someone who doesn't have kids and doesn't want kids, but still finds this fascinating, does this same concept apply to menstrual cramps? I was of the understanding they are just a mild form of labour cramps, no?

I think this really demystifies contractions and child labor, thanks, although I am sure there is quite a lot to child birth than what could ever be explained by a single video, what a great start.



Monday, September 11th, 2017 at 5:52am
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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 5:42am
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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 11:43pm
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