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Mrs. Jo Scobie

Mrs. Jo Scobie

Jo Scobie is a Registered Midwife Sonographer, with over 29 years experience of both Irish and Scottish midwifery practice.

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Facebook shared Neighbourhood Midwives Ireland's post.Friday, January 20th, 2017 at 5:13am

Brónagh Gåwlėy My 20 week scan was such a breath of relief! As someone prone to acute anxiety, having an anomaly scan to look at baby/cervix/placenta gave me peace of mind. I know the scans can't show EVERYTHING bit I'd prefer to check all the things that can be as a preventative/preparatory measure..

Obviously scanning every antenatal isn't a good idea as we don't know the full effects but I couldn't imagine going through my entire pregnancy with no scan.

The midwives and obgyn doctors of Sligo have been GREAT for my first pregnancy. So understanding, open to alternatives and ready to explain everything to me