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Mrs. Jo Scobie

Mrs. Jo Scobie

Jo Scobie is a Registered Midwife Sonographer, with over 29 years experience of both Irish and Scottish midwifery practice.

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Facebook shared UNILAD's video.Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 at 12:47am


When a 5-foot grandma tries to put her grandkid to sleep 😂😭

This is why every home should have an Eagle. Train the eagle to take you baby to bed. That’s what I done

I would've just went to sleep in there cuz God knows how hard it is to get a baby to sleep. Now, she got to start all over.

Honestly don’t find this funny, quite irresponsible, especially standing on a stool. Thank god she didn’t hurt the baby. Smh

Dangerous,!!! The parents need to raise the mattress up to where gramma can reach it without putting the baby in danger.!!! NOT funny.!!!

Bless! The baby got to have a nap with granny!

That crib is insane lol

Salina Aguilar 😂😂😂😂 one time I almost fell in either the crib or playpen while laying Kieran down I can’t remember which one . Lol! I had to push myself up lol

Rob Ert why we registered for the short crib

Nathan Grainger if we ever have a kid this will be us 😂😂😂

Pat Anne Whimperley is this you putting the grandkids to bed 😂😂😂😂 xx

Everyone saying its her weight is clearly of average height 😂😂😂 doing things like this (especially carefully) is really difficult for a short person because they have to keep their feet on the ground while bending beyond their height.
Signed, someone whos 4'11

Melissa this is another reason we got rid of the crib.

So we are fat shaming grandma now my God people you know nothing about this woman She could have arthritis or other problems Being able to spend time with our grandchildren is blessed I'm shorter then she is I just figure out the safest way to take of my grandchildren the best I can

Nope, I just drop the kid & run out of the room. If I make it out before the kid hits the bottom & wakes my job is done as technically they were asleep when I put them in their cot 😂🤣😂

Yeah, I know they discouraged cribs with drop down sides but if I ever have kids I'm getting one. I remember putting my nephew in his crib and my arms were too short to be able to lay him down and that inch or two drop was always heart stopping

Best laugh of the day (so far!!!) Wonder if that was grandpa chuckling as he was videotaping this??? Good thing she didn't land on the baby; that wouldn't have been so funny......🤣🤣😲😲

RKO the kid to sleepville

Parents: How did you get him to sleep so fast?

Nana: *looks intensly over to that pancake child* ummm so tiered😴 keep money i g2g

Simen Håvard Aleksander

Every time I see this I laugh !!! Whenever I had to baby sit my grandson I would need to stand on the foot stool to place him in the crib...... although I never fell in lol !!!! Tall people don't realize how difficult it is for short people to do things that they take for granted !!!

Ouhhh it could be me someday. 5 foot height..
And i hope i am not gonna be fat.. 😕 i was afraid that she'll break the baby into pieces..

No it is hard I'm not over weight or out of shape I'm just SHORT
And yes these new cribs are difficult to navigate and I understand why the rails don't go down for child safety ,but it's still

These new cribs are stupid. I raised 6 children in cribs with drop down sides. This is the reason they made them for heaven’s sake, you can’t make the whole world safe for kids.

Funny, right up to the point she crushes the child. Just drop it over the side ? By the time it realises and starts screaming, you can be out of the door and halfway down the stairs. Sorted👍

Samuel Eley - I think you went a little too far with the gun comment. Yes, it’s a fact that she’s overweight, and that’s probably one of the reasons she fell over. But her height plays a factor as well. She wouldn’t have needed to lean that much over had she been taller. I’m the same exact height, and much smaller. I know I would’ve lost my balance as well. But really... did you need to point that out? Do you feel better about yourself?

I think maybe if she would have put her arms out to actually put the baby down she'd have been fine. Instead she tried her hardest to completely lay him down without ever extending her arms to keep from bringing him away from her like she's scared she's gonna drop him. She's not watched him a lot or she's a nervous person lol

Did you mean 5 foot wide and 4 foot tall as I nearly fall off trying to catch the baby to save him from being crushed. Damn



Monday, September 11th, 2017 at 5:52am
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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 5:42am
RT @BabyTimeDOTie: From a pregnant person's point of view, it's fun (and at times annoying) to watch how people behave towards you! 🙂 http…
Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 11:43pm
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