14 Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Woman

14 Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Woman


I am certain every person has been on the receiving end or the giving end of an embarrassing or cringe-worthy comment in their lives, this can be unpleasant for everyone involved. I don’t know why but pregnant women seem to be more susceptible to hearing things that get their emotions going! It can often be a stranger or a family member.

The following is a good guide for everyone who comes into contact with pregnant women

Are you sure you are not having twins?

Commenting on size is a major NO. Just because a woman is pregnant does not make it ok for anyone to comment on her body. It also adds to her anxiety as she will worry is she having a very big baby.

You are going to breastfeed?

How a woman is going to feed her baby is her business. If she chooses breast feeding or bottle feeding it is her choice. If a pregnant woman brings up the subject of baby feeding listen to her don’t lecture her.

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You shouldn’t be eating that drinking that or doing that?

A pregnant woman will be informed by her midwife and doctor on what she can and cannot eat and drink in pregnancy. She will be aware of what exercises she can continue during her pregnancy so really it is best to keep your ideas to yourself.

When I was pregnant…..?

Whatever you did during your pregnancy, labour or delivery – Great! Unless a pregnant woman is asking you to share your experience of your pregnancy or labour, please hold on to your own experience.

Make sure you enjoy yourself while you can or go out or get lots of sleep while you can!

I really wish people wouldn’t say these things as if you won’t have any life after baby arrives. I agree that sleep is very much changed in the early days, priorities change but having a baby can make life more enjoyable.


It must be really hard having to go back to work so soon or I can’t imagine giving up my career to stay home!

This kind of input can be unhelpful and hurtful. Many women base this difficult decision on home circumstances. Many women struggle with this topic of career or family and can feel guilty no matter what they decide. It is important to support pregnant women with their choices.

Look at your swollen feet!

Never comment on anyone’s body even in pregnancy, remarks like that stay for a long time.

Can you still do that?

A pregnant woman knows what she can and cannot do. She is not disabled however if she is struggling with something please offer help.

You are very young? or you waited late to have a baby?

She is pregnant therefore there is no need to make comment on age. The decision was hers so don’t hurt feelings.

Wow! how much weight have you gained?

Don’t go there please, that is a topic for discussion with her midwife or doctor not you please.

Is this a surprise pregnancy?

Please don’t go there unless you want to embarrass yourself and the pregnant woman. If the pregnant woman wants to tell you this she will.

Can I touch your bump?

This might be ok if you are a very close friend or family but if you are a stranger I wouldn’t ask!

It must be the hormones!

Yes hormones can play up big time during pregnancy but like PMT it is never a good idea to comment.

Pregnancy can be tough during a hot Summer !

She is well aware of the temperature during the Summer so there is no need to remind her

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